I Created WET BARR To Cater To Those Who Are Not “The Standard”. 

Living Minutes From The Beach Swimwear Became My Routine Attire. Constantly Searching For Perfect Fitting Bikini Sets I Noticed A Small Market Caters To Us Women Who May Have Odd Measurements. Here At WET BARR You Can Shop By Size Be It A Small Top With A Large Bottom Or Vice Versa As Well As Mix & Match Styles. We Cater To All.

What sets Wet Barr aside from other boutiques? 

  1. We give our clients full control; that means yoh can mix and match swimwear choices by size-color and or style. 
  2. We keep our prices $35 and under. 
  3. We do not drop ship.
  4. We ship within 72 hours worldwide Priority. 
  5. We offer a “ Hometique Experience” a 2 hr private personal styling session. Refreshments & hors d’oeuvres for clients within the South Florida area in addition Same Day Delivery. 
  6. We can Bring our Boutique to you.


“ I managed Retail stores for about 14 years. I‘ve taken all the gripes and concerns I’ve heard from customers when shopping for resort wear. I Adressed Those Concerns In my business plan to assure that my clients gain lifetime pieces when they shop at WET BARR. “

                                           - WET BARR OWNER